By | December 7, 2017

A friend of mine that I grew up with moved to Wilmington, Delaware. She was offered a job there that she couldn’t turn down and moved shortly after college. She has lived there now for 10 years. I keep in contact with her and she comes in to visit her family here on the holidays. We usually get together, but she wasn’t able to stay as long the last time she came in and told me that I would have to come visit her in Wilmington sometime. She said she would check to see if she could take some time off of work and we could make arrangements for that to happen. I thought it sounded like a great idea and I knew I would be able to get the time off work.

Once she called me to let me know when she would be able to take off work, I asked for the same time off from my job. I was able to get the days off and I let her know. I was so excited to visit Wilmington, Delaware because I had never been there before. I had seen pictures of her home and things like that, but I couldn’t wait to see it in person.

I looked at some things to do while visiting. I wanted to see if there were any things that I had to do while I was there. I asked her if she had any recommendations or if there was any where she wanted to take me. She said there were lots of things to do and lots of places to go. She said there were many good restaurants there and events going on the week I would be staying. I couldn’t wait to not only get the week off from work, but spend it doing things I don’t normally do.

Finally the time had arrived for me to go to friend’s house. It took a few hours to get there, but the drive really wasn’t that bad. I was able to find her house with the GPS from my phone. As soon as I got there, she started telling me about things we could do and asked me if I wanted to go out to eat. We had a great week together and lots of fun. I am glad I was finally able to visit her this time.