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SAEGERTOWN – For anyone in Crawford County and beyond who knows the Sada family, they probably think of baseball when they hear that last name.

There is a good reason behind this, because Steve Sada was a Division I player and a record player for Akron University in the 1980s, and his sons went on to become successful ball players at college level. .

The younger brother, Scott, holds the NCAA Division III doubles record, a feat he achieved as a senior at Penn State Behrend in the spring of 2019. That leaves the other son, Steve Sada, who played in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) like his father. However, he did not become an Akron Zip like his father, but a University of Miami Redhawk.

The 2013 Saegertown High graduate was instrumental in bringing great success to the Saegertown baseball program in the early 2010s. During his four years of varsity baseball, he set the school record for career hits. , reached 0.460 for his career, stole 82 bases in his career, helped the program win three district championships, helped Saegertown go 64-6 from 2011 to 2013, was named a district player for the year in 2012, was a four-time pick in all regions and a two-time pick in District 10.

To say varsity baseball was a fun time for the two-time University of Miami graduate is perhaps an understatement. However, it was no surprise that Saegertown baseball was so fun and talented, according to him.

“I have played with the same group of kids since Little League. We had such a great, close group of guys. There is something about a small town that everyone supports everyone. At nine, we had people driving four or five hours to watch us play in the States. People with no direct connection to the team. If you have the right group of kids and the support of the community, this is how you are good.

While most of his baseball career was spent in Saegertown and District 10, he spent a few years playing for the Allegheny Pirates of Pittsburgh and Canes Baseball in the Center County area. The exposure he gained from playing in these tournaments helped him get noticed by a set of schools like UConn, Akron, Kent State, Marshall, Radford, Coastal Carolina and Miami University.

Why he chose the University of Miami was a much bigger decision than the game of baseball. “I thought it was a nice campus, a good distance from my home that could help me become more independent, their accounting program and business school were great, they gave a generous scholarship and I liked that the campus was in a rural setting and not in a city. “

From the moment he entered campus, Sada was granted the right to start almost every game he played for the Redhawks. During his career, he played 198 games mainly as a second baseman. However, as a senior he moved to the outfield. In 2014, he was named Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American and Second-Team All-MAC. He would be ranked second All-MAC team as a junior and Academic All-MAC in the same season.

“I just tried to keep a cool head as a player,” said Sada. “It got to where I loved the process more than I loved playing in the games. I love to see improvements every day. There would be times when I was hitting the goal so hard that my coaches had to tell me to. lower the tone a bit. “

Overall, Sada is happy to have had a successful baseball career, but his success didn’t stop once he hung up his boots for the last time. Sada’s life for nearly a decade was schoolwork, friends and family, and the game of baseball. The results speak for themselves, as he graduated third in his class from Saegertown High in 2013. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Miami in 2017 in Accounting, with a minor in Business Systems. information and analysis. He didn’t stop there as he earned a Master of Science in Accounting, which would help him earn enough credits to pass the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exams. Sada has passed all four parts and has been a CPA in the state of Pennsylvania since October 2019.

The summer of 2017 was a strong one for the Crawford County product as he accepted a risk consulting internship with EY, a company he would stay in after earning two degrees from Miami in their combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program in accounting. He worked as a business consultant for EY for just over three years before returning home to Saegertown in August to take on a Senior Audit position at Erie for Schaffner, Knight, Minnaugh, & Company.

Working for EY, a large accounting firm, was a great place to start a business career, but for his long-term business interests, he’s happy to have made the transition to a smaller firm that will allow him to do more. working with more private companies. The move also allows him to return to his hometown, which was important not only to him, but to that of his future family.

Last New Years Eve, Sada proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Abby, in Florida. Travel to the beach has become something the couple look forward to, making it the perfect place to be. The couple are getting married in August 2022.

For those who dream of becoming a Division I baseball player, varsity athlete, or have the passion to master any skill, Sada tells them, “Try to fall in love with the process. Enjoy better and better every day. Find that thing that turns you on and makes you want to improve yourself and get on with life. It is important to find something that you are good at.

For Steve Sada, the thing he excelled at for a long time was baseball, but he understood the importance of working hard in the classroom as well to prepare for life after baseball. He also found more time to go archery hunting, a passion he didn’t devote to as much during his college days as he does now.

Whether it’s becoming a better athlete, a businessman, a hunter, or any other skill, Steve Sada is the local example of a small town that doesn’t limit anyone to what they are capable of.



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